Virtual Technical Support; Email, Chat, Remote session

Virtual Technical Support; Email, Chat, Remote session, (phone only as a last resort…)

Pay only what it is worth to you!

Here is how it will work, send me an email with a technical question. Provide your Manufacture and Service tag; include any device upgrade(s). I will give you my professional opinion/solution at no charge. If my response is helpful provide gratuity via payment to my email account, paypal, google wallet, ect.

Ask all things tech, anything you need help with!

My Qualifications: I have worked in some line of technology support for about 18 years now. Here is the list of my relevant employers starting in 1997; Direct TV, Planet net (ancient web hosting co.), MSN, Ikano (Dial up support, web and domain admin), HP, Dell 7 year run (QA, Tech support Team Manager, Service tech), Managed IT, Squad Geek (flip), Corp IT (support smart phones, tablets, computers, and network).

I have over 19 computer support certifications, A+ Certified, and a formal education majoring in Business.

Sad Story: The last Corp IT job I held was outsourced to and mismanaged by an India based ‘Tech’ company. I had a direct from India manager, who was an information hoarder, and top notch technical jargon memory monkey. This manager released me without notice, cause or reason while I was 7 months pregnant. The very next day after my release I was replaced by an Asian Indian man. It has been reported to me from multiple sources (without my prompting) that my replacement does not know how to do my old job, and I am missed.

I want to continue doing support – But I have an infant, traditional support jobs will not work for me. I would like to offer technical support via email/chat. If I resolve the problem I strongly encourage gratuity for the service I have provided – So NO up-front fees.

  1. Traditional support ‘brick and mortar’ shops charge at least $60 per hour to look at your computer.
  2. Geek Squad is a pure rip off, $99 up front and a monthly fee for the term of your contract 1, 2, or 3 years. Given my first-hand experience you will get lost in a maze of support levels, and they are pretty good at putting a band aide on a broken leg.

Both 1 and 2 is pretty much the same thing, managed IT services. If physical hardware replacement is needed I recommend deferring to your warranty or a local shop, support your community. But do you want to pay $60 only to discover the problem requires hardware replacement? I can help with warranty calls.

Because I am not an official ‘Business’ I request gratuity only, again reminding you of the $60-99+ charges of like service.

Oh and finally all of my years in technical services/support, I have a huge network of technician friends, something traditional shops cannot claim. What this means to you? If I can’t get it, there’s a high probability I know someone who can. Because I am not a business I can solicit other working techs support, without impeding on their employers ‘no competition’ clause.


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