This blog is about my past IT experiences, from a professional woman’s perspective.

About what qualifies me: Collectively I have over 15 years in some sort of an IT support role. A snapshot of who I am now IT/Education:

  • Well over 19 Computer certification, (MSN, Dell, A+) most in the area of support. 2000-2015,
  • Formal education Business major, (some computer courses to pad my GPA),
  • Started my first support job in 1997. (I will further explore my on the job experience in this blog.)

Currently I do not work, I have no plans to work for ‘the man’ ever again. I do not submit my resume to anyone, and I am regularly contacted by job recruiters. I am not listed as actively looking for employment on any website. I am another perfectly good IT professional leaving the job field.


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