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Simple tactics for Parents; and their child’s electronic device use.

About myself: I have been in some area of IT troubleshooting starting professionally as early as 1997. I am a full time parent of 3 children; my family is blended with a 4th stepdaughter that spends time with us about once a month. I am not nor do I proclaim to be a child development specialist, however as I progress with my series I will do my best to provide supporting reputable sources.

Notable about this series, I will endeavor to only use what is available on your electronic device as ‘out of the box’; I personally will not be endorsing/creating and kind of specialty software/app/download for this series.

Simple tactics for Parents; and their child’s electronic device use.

  1. Your child needs to understand that nothing they do per say online is private. If your child is too young to fully understand this concept then as a parent it might not be a good idea to hand your child that device connected to the internet.
    1. Common practice among parents; In moments of absolute desperation I have given my young children my cell phone, after changing the phone to airplane mode. Again a practice that should be very limited.
    2. “…the more parents use iPads, smart phones or similar devices to calm their kids down, the less likely the kids are to learn how to calm themselves down naturally. In other words, if kids are constantly pacified with an iPad, they won’t be learning the skills to come down from a tantrum.” Here is the complete article from a reputable source:

Returning to the original point about internet and privacy; Parents need to set a foundation of having all of the passwords for the access accounts on the device. Parents own the passwords, NOT the child.

Pro: From your own device you can look at the history of your child online activity. (Video)

  1. Example: For my seven year old daughter does not know any passwords to access any electronic device in my home. This includes but not limited to, login for basic access, wifi, game access, YouTube access, Netflix, ect. When she is allowed limited access either myself or my husband must log her on, the device use must also be in a public setting –for all to see what it is she’s doing.

For example on an Android tablet, a Gmail account is required for YouTube access and app purposes. Parents should have all of the information for these accounts, Username and Password.

Here is some basic information about Gmail accounts: Item 12 of Terms of Service. “If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use the Service…”

??? As a side note: if you are that overly confidant parent in trusting your child with exclusive knowledge of electronic username and passwords – you do not belong here, and should likely continue in blissful ignorance.




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